☽ Healing and Guidance ☾

In my healing work, I do everything I can to inspire my clients to reach the fullest potential of their being.

My general approach in healing services is to listen and be there for you in your own, unique process of transformation.

To schedule a healing /guidance session:
tel (831) 854 7518
email mysterion@mysterionhealingarts.com

In-Depth Tarot and Healing

The Tarot is an ancient tool of divination, a menagerie of Archetypal images which resonate with the primordial depths of the human Psyche.

Drawing upon years of study and practice with the Tarot, the mythological science of Alchemy, and training in Jungian psychology and counseling techniques, I offer tarot reading healing work.

Before a healing session, you can prepare a question or an intention to ask the Tarot.

Spiritual Guidance

The word “spirit” in many languages directly translates to “breath”, or “breath of life”. Spirit, however you define it, is like a Deep Well of strength, inspiration, empowerment, and communion with the interconnectedness of the Universe.

I offer services for developing a personalized, tangible, and meaningful connection to this deeply transformational force.

Some of the techniques in my toolbox include ancestral healing work, creative expression as sacred art, development of eco-consciousness, dream work, and shamanic journeying (also known as “active imagination” in Jungian Psychology).

I have a strong background in indigenous Celtic spirituality and Western Esoteric mystical traditions. We can draw upon these traditions for your spiritual development, or we can work with and build upon whatever already works for you.


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