Alchemy of Shadow and Light



Alchemy of Shadow and Light is a concept album exploring themes of paradox, Jungian Shadow Integration Work, the blending of seemingly opposing belief structures into a cohesive whole, and how all of these tie into the evolution of the individual and collective.

The alchemical Philosopher’s Stone is electronically forged through this album, created through a psycho-emotional transformation process. The Stone is a symbolic representation of a process of dissolution, blending, and recombining of schema/archetypal elements of the internal world.

Each song was crafted with both enjoyment and healing in mind, emanating vibrational patterns ranging from body-moving dancy tunes, to ambient soundscapes of ethereal realms outside of our time-space continuum, to trance-inducing binaural beats, and more.

This album channels energies from the most luminous and abyssal planes of existence, allowing for a wide diversity of listening-temperaments to resonate with and integrate the themes and symbols presented. Alchemy of Shadow and Light is an attempt to spark a rebirth into wholeness in the midst of an increasingly fracturing and chaotic world.

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