Healing arts for the evolution of consciousness, provided by Travis Rios, MA

Archetypes and myth are the programming language of human consciousness. By consciously cultivating our individual and collective archetypal symbolism, we can allow ourselves to evolve our stories from stagnant, dead, or outdated narratives, into vibrant, meaningful, and empowering mythologies.

Story, narrative, and myth define how we perceive ourselves, the world, our past, present, and future. The creative act of story-telling brings awareness to our defining symbols and narratives.

Life is change. Changing our stories is inevitable if they are to continue to be relevant for the ever evolving potentials of the present moment.

Some of the services I offer include:

  • Mythogenic Music
  • Tarot Divination and Healing Work
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Fostering Eco-consciousness
  • Healing through Art, Music, Creativity
  • Dream work
  • Ancestral Healing Work

To schedule healing sessions or get more info:

tel (831) 854 7518
email  Mysterion@MysterionHealingArts.com



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